What Causes the Mud Pump Crankshaft to Burn Out

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What Causes the Mud Pump Crankshaft to Burn Out

Mud pump is widely used in oil drilling industry. It has been proved by many practical tests that it has great advantages in product performance, quality characteristics and after-sales service. Taking the mud pump crankshaft as an example, three common problems are summarized: bearing burning out, valve box leakage and abnormal sound. Drilling mud pump bearing is an important component to ensure the normal operation of the mud pump, and is one of the main accessories to ensure the power output of the mud pump. Although the parts are small, they play a great role. Therefore, the research on the mud pump bearing is also one of the subjects to ensure the rational use of the mud pump.  

Based on the analysis of the service condition, the main reasons for the burning of the mud pump crankshaft are:

1. The oil circuit is not smooth.

2. The oil level is not enough.

3. The bearing itself has quality defects.

It can be divided into displacement pump, vane pump and other types according to different working principles. The positive displacement pump transfers energy by the change of its working chamber volume; the vane pump uses the interaction between the rotating blade and water to transfer energy, including centrifugal pump, axial-flow pump and mixed flow pump.

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